You deserve a life that feels satisfying and filled with joy. You deserve to feel like you can have healthy relationships where you are appreciated, and you receive as much as you give.  

Whether it's at your job, with friends, your partner, or getting over your ex, I want to support you! I would love to help you connect with your resilience and your potential as a human being!

I am here to support you!

- Fear of abandonment
- Jealousy
- Difficulty establishing boundaries
- Perfectionism
- Feeling that you are not enough
- Difficulty trusting
- Frequently finding yourself in relationships where you are undervalues, and they are usually toxic relationships
- Feeling burned out at your job

Did you identify with any of these situations?

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Our difficulty to manage our relationships can look in many different ways:

Our relationships are much more important than we think. If our relationships make us feel insecure, or that we are not enough, they are toxic, or we simply don't know how to make them better, it can make us feel a lot of distress.


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Hi! I'm Alejandra Matos

I am a Dominican therapist and coach. My passion is to help you break away from toxic patterns, in any way that they might be coming up in your life. 

My goal is to help you create intentional and healthy relationships, but above anything, to help you strengthen and heal the relationship that you have with yourself. 

I have experience helping people heal from toxic relationships, get over breakups, and create a healthy relationship with their job. 

Let's see how I can support you!

And this is why I've developed a selection of resources so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Working with mental health, but above everything, the topics of relationships and wellbeing are my passion.

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